photo credit: Joshua White

photo credit: Joshua White

My name is Geneviève Metson and I am postdoctoral researcher with the National Research Council (US National Academies of Science) working with Washington State University (at the Vancouver campus with Dr. John Harrison) and the US EPA (with Dr. Jana Compton). I am working  to help decision-makers integratively manage phosphorus (and other resources such as nitrogen, water, and energy) while considering their local social and environmental context and currently doing so by better understanding the importance of P management legacies on water quality in the USA. I also continue to work on the special role of urban environments in sustainable nutrient management.

As a professionally trained dancer, I have always liked to explore movement and my relationship to space and time. My physical and artistic exploration of movement has shaped my interest in science. I feel a real kinship with the study of biogeochemical cycling and ecology. These fields focus on understanding systems, linkages, and movement. Nutrients, like phosphorus (P), flow through the environment but change their properties depending on what they are coupled with, just as dancers change for partners and the space they are in.


PhD. 2014 – Department of Natural Resource Sciences, McGill University
Advisor: Elena Bennett
Thesis: Urban phosphorus sustainability: how human diet, urban agriculture and socioecological context influence phosphorus cycling and management

M.Sc. 2011 – School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Advisors: Daniel Childers and Rimjhim Aggarwal
Thesis: Phosphorus Cycling in Metropolitan Phoenix

B.Sc. 2009 – University of California San Diego -Environmental Systems Program (Earth Science track)
Honours Thesis: Changes in life habits and environments of the Arcidae (Bivalvia, Mollusca) in response to the rise of the Isthmus of Panama (Supervised by: Jeremy B.C. Jackson and Jill Leonard-Pingel)


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